About Us

Serving up Alberta Food


Taste Alberta represents a variety of organizations within the Alberta food industry that have come together to encourage loyalty to locally produced food.  We are a working group of advisors and partners that use communication, education and engagment to connect you with the facts about Alberta food and help you to explore the amazing range of products right here at home.


Taste Alberta servies up informaiton to hlep you serve Alberta food every day. 

Alberta Milk


All milk products are a naturally good source of 15 essential nutrients, including the ones that that help build healthy bones: calcium, vitamin A, protein, phosphorus and magnesium. Milk is also fortified with vitamin D that is also beneficial in bone health. Research has shown many health benefits of including dairy in your diets such as lower blood pressure, weight loss and protection against heart disease.


Alberta’s dairy products are among the best in the world for safety and quality. All of the milk produced here is rigorously tested for antibiotic residues, ensuring none is found in milk or dairy products in Alberta.


Alberta Eggs

There are many kinds of eggs available for you to eat including white eggs, brown eggs and eggs not in their shell (processed eggs). Then there are eggs that have some special characteristics like organic, Omega-3 Enhanced or Free-Run. No matter your preference eggs are power-packed with goodness with 14 essential nutrients and an excellent source of protein.


Our egg farmers are committed to humane treatment of healthy, well cared for hens, employing sound animal husbandry practices and supporting ongoing research to continually improve how they meet hens’ natural needs and preferences. Hens are fed a diet of grain, protein, vitamins and minerals with no antibiotics or hormones.


Alberta Pork

Alberta produces some of the best pork in the world. We have the perfect conditions—including excellent local barley for feed and cold weather in the winter. In Japan and dozens of other countries, our pork is preferred because of its high quality, great taste and texture. Alberta pork producers follow strict animal care regulations, the most careful biosecurity measures in the world, and best of all, they are right here in Alberta, minimizing the distance from the farm gate to your plate.


Alberta Pulses


Nutritious and delicious, pulses are surprisingly good for you and your health. Alberta-grown pulses include peas, beans, fava beans, chickpeas and lentils. Pulses have been grown in this province for about 35 years. They also have significant cultural and historical importance around the world as one of the original crops grown for energy and protein. Pulses are recommended by Canada’s Food Guide and are a great source of protein, high in fibre, low in fat and are a part of a healthy diet.


Alberta Poultry


Poultry farmers in Alberta take great pride in raising chickens and turkeys to provide safe high quality food to Canadian consumers. They work hard to ensure the humane treatment and care of each and every turkey and chicken they raise.


Chickens and Turkeys are fed nutritionally balanced diets of mixed grains and oilseeds. Their feed is comprised of grain (60 per cent wheat, corn or barley), a protein source (soybean meal, canola meal and in some cases meat meal), vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a fat source for energy. They have continuous access to fresh, clean drinking water and are raised in climate controlled barns where they are free to roam and protected from harsh weather, predators and disease. In Canada, turkeys and chickens are not given hormones or steroids. These have been prohibited for over 30 years.



Alberta Canola


Heart-healthy canola oil comes from the crushed seeds of the canola plant. The average canola seed is 45 per cent oil and the rest of the seed which is very high in protein is processed into canola meal and used as a high quality animal feed.

Canola oil is your local choice for oil as it is grown in Canada.  Canola oil is low in saturated fat and contains zero trans fat and cholesterol.