• Carrie Selin

Before the Plate

Are you curious about food and how its grown or raised? Join us for a a Free Movie Screening and food!

CAMA Alberta, with their sponsors are pleased to present a movie screening of  "Before the Plate" in Edmonton, on March 11th.

About the Film: We hear things on a daily basis about how our food is produced but it can be difficult to know what is true. The sources always sound credible, but in many instances they will directly contradict one another. But what if we stepped back and looked at the whole picture? What if we could literally see what it takes to get food to our plate? That's what the 2016 production of "Before The Plate" set out to do. Get the honest truth and a farm perspective on food production. After 32 days of shooting on 8 different farm operations and over 10,000 kilometers of highway, we ended up at the exact plate where we started.  

Movie Details

Date:   Monday, March 11, 2019 Location:  CN Theatre, MacEwan University (located on the main floor of Building 5)

Reception :  4:30PM - 5:30PM (food and beverages provided)

Movie Screening:   5:45PM - 7:15PM Cost :  No charge but registration is required.


Event Sponsors:

Taste Alberta, Alberta Chicken Producers, Alberta Pulse Growers and Alberta Canola Producers

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