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Celebrating Chicken Month at Northern Chicken

Post by: Food Blogger Sharman Hnatiuk

Fried Chicken Photo by Sharman Hnatiuk

Taste Alberta’s Prairie on the Plate dinners are an opportunity for local chefs to create a menu featuring ingredients from our commodity partners: Alberta Chicken, Alberta Pulse Growers Commission, Egg Farmers of Alberta, Alberta Canola, Alberta Turkey, Alberta Milk, and Alberta Pork.

Since September is Chicken Month, we asked our friends at Northern Chicken in Edmonton to help us share the love towards chicken farmers from across the province with a special Prairie on the Plate dinner.

Chef Andrew Cowan and his team at Northern Chicken, who serve up copious amounts of fried, roasted, confit and stewed Alberta chicken on their menu daily, graciously created a special chicken-focused Prairie on the Plate, four-course meal on September 30, 2019.

Pork Terrine, Photo by Sharman Hnatiuk

FIRST COURSE – PORK TERRINE & BREADS Featuring Alberta Pork, Alberta Milk

Chef Cowan treated guests to an array of homemade breads including a rye cornbread served with honey-thyme butter, a loaf of New Level Brewing stout and spelt bread, a multigrain mix featuring red fife, spelt, as well as Jeremy’s famous Northern Chicken biscuits.

The abundance of bread was served alongside a maple pork terrine. The fairly fatty grind was made with Alberta pork shoulder and belly and paired with house made pickles (including garlic scapes and broccoli ends) and mustard. Served thick in meatloaf like slices, the hearty appetizer served with fresh-made bread was an instant crowd pleaser.

SECOND COURSE – CHICKEN & DUMPLINGS Featuring Alberta Chicken, Alberta Milk, Alberta Pork

Chicken Soup with Dumplings Photo by Sharman Hnatiuk

For our second course, chef Cowan explained how the kitchen crew starts by slow poaching chickens in water. They pull out the chicken, shred all the meat, and throw it back in to the broth to stew with some milk. Next step – they scoop out dumplings made with flour and lard to simmer in the stew until cooked. While it isn’t on the regular menu, patron of Northern Chicken can find this soulful dish as a feature, particularly when the weather turns cold and we all start craving a warm bowl of soup.

MAIN COURSE – SWEET TEA BRINDE FRIED CHICKEN Alberta Chicken, Alberta Pulse Producers, Alberta Milk, Alberta Canola

For our main course, chef Cowan dusted off the old recipe book and shared a vintage Northern Chicken dish that hasn’t been served in over three years, since their second pop up dinner before opening the brick and mortar restaurant.

Chef Cowan’s sweet tea brined chicken was brined in the house-made sweat tea along with salt for 24 hours, and then soaked in buttermilk for an additional 24 hours. On the night of the event the chicken was breaded, fried, and topped with a lemon mustard.

For the lone Celiac at the dinner, chef Cowan shared Norther Chicken’s confit chicken legs which are slow braised in a mixture of duck and chicken fat and then pan fried (a great gluten-free option).

"Alberta-Style" grits with lentils, Photo by Sharman Hnatiuk

What is a fried chicken dinner without the side dishes? Chef Cowan paired his chicken with an Alberta take on grits. Dried lentils were put through a food processor and then cooked in the risotto method, slowly adding stock and stirring, before finishing with butter (of course) and topped with red eye gravy. The savoury sauce was really a hybrid demi-glas – made by reducing equal parts of coffee and chicken stock with ham and bacon until the mixture was thick like syrup. The fiber bomb is sure to make our friends at Alberta Pulse very proud.

Since chef Cowan is strict about people not leaving hungry, there were loads of leftovers on the table. Every guest had an opportunity to load take away containers filled with chicken and sides, and of course, a few pieces of bread that hadn’t been devoured.


Featuring: Alberta Milk, Egg Farmers of Alberta

For dessert, chef Cowan paired a simple sugar cookie to be dipped, dabbed, and dunked into a sinfully sweet pot au sucre. The creamy custard was made with eggs, cream, butter, milk and brown sugar and maple syrup (what more could you want?).

Chef Andrew with dessert, Photo by Sharman Hnatiuk

A huge thanks to chef Cowan and his culinary and service team for celebrating Chicken Month with a special Prairie on the Plate dinner.

Stop by Northern Chicken where Alberta Chicken Producers are celebrated on the menu seven days a week.

Northern Chicken 10704 124 St (780) 756-2239

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