• Carrie Selin

Gratitude for Alberta's Family Farms

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

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Alberta farmers grow and raise many of the ingredients that we will put on our plates during the holiday season, and all throughout the year. We are thankful that they are producing food in a sustainable manner, using technology to increase yields, and also conserving the environment.

When done right, implementing new technology is a win-win, says grain farmer Chris Allam. His family’s Allam Farms grows wheat, canola, peas, fava beans, barley, hay and legumes on 15,000 acres split between Strathcona and Redwater.

“Any time you can use something that will make you more efficient and accurate, and ultimately save dollars, that in turn saves the environment,” says Allam. “Our farm is focused on stewardship, and we realize that this land has to be there for future generations. So a lot of those technology decisions mesh with all of our goals, be they environmental or financial.”

Check out Allams farm video that shows how his family farm in Alberta brings more and better food to Alberta’s supper tables. As Allam puts it: “The more I farm, the better food you eat,” he says. “And if I can perfect my craft, your food quality goes up.”

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